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Is Culinary Your Primary Focus This Year?

Here are the Can't-Miss Activities & Education Sessions Customized for You!

"...I have been to conferences prior, but found it a very passive experience.  Sure, I learned a few things, but I was never taught new methods of thinking.  Conversations with speakers and leaders in catering at Catersource are not all ego stroking, one sided chats.  Rather, when you engage at conference, you might find yourself not only picking up a great idea, but developing with this leader new and innovative ideas that came from your collaboration...

Most importantly, I have found peers and friends that will impact my leadership and growth for the remainder of my life.  I now travel around the world with friends who I met at Catersource, always learning and sharing.

As I grew in my catering abilities, I approached the education director and inquired of how I could return the favor of inspiration, and share my story and passion in catering.  I began teaching in 2012 and have not looked back since.  I am humbled that I have been given the opportunity to share my trials and tribulations, joys and future ideas with new caterers who were like myself, a sponge ready to soak up any catering lessons I could!  Keep your ears and eyes open when you are conference, you never know what you might learn from someone who is from around the world.  Be ready to engage in exciting development conversations with your catering idol, they want to learn and grow just like you!" - Ken Barrett-Sweet, Executive Director, BG Events & Catering

Reach Your Goals

Catersource is the place to discover culinary inspiration and more to enhance your catering menus. From ingredients to techniques, seminars at Catersource help you gather the information needed to meet your goals and enhance your culinary offerings. Together with the extensive tradeshow floor, you'll discover thousands of products and ideas that will help you manage costs and turn your kitchen into a highly sought-after, well-oiled machine!

Events from CS2018

Many culinary pros attended Monday's Lunch & Learn: Culinary Conversation! Spirited conversation is the hallmark of any great meal. During this moderated learning luncheon, topics and ideas flowed along with their trend-forward meal. Attendees got to know their tablemates and walked away with new ideas, inspiration—and friends.

Catersource's full lineup of activities included Spread Joy and Attitude of Gratitude networking activities, Wine'd Up Mix & Mingle, Spark! Awards Gala & After Party, Diced Competition, tradeshow happy hour, Beyond the Plate Contest, Catersource Swizzle, Find my Favorite Things, Wild Wednesday and more!