The 2018 Catersource and Art of Catering Food Ambassadors are well-versed in all things related to your conference and tradeshow experience. They were present throughout the entire event, in order to help attendees with a lot of their questions. Which class should I take? Where are the Spark awards being held? How do I find the buses that will take me to the tradeshow?

These helpful industry elite were available in all capacities, from sitting next to attendees in a classroom, to taking the stage to instruct, to leading some of the Find My Favorite Things shopping excursions Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the tradeshow floor.

Colbèrt Callen
Director of Sales & Events
Footers Catering
Denver, CO

Scott Frankel
Animatic Media
Hicksville, NY

Greg Hicks
Impressions Catering & Events
Cleveland, TN

Mary Crafts-Homer
Culinary Crafts
Salt Lake City, UT

Jonathan Jennings
Executive Vice President
CT Wedding Group
Middletown, CT

Brittney Melnick
B With a Twist Catering
Las Vegas, NV

Renee Miner
Chief Events Designer
Empyrean Events
Fort Wayne, IN

Melissa Tibben
Catering Director
MacDill Air Force Base
Tampa, FL

Jamie Quickert
Corporate Director of Catering
Lancer Catering
Minneapolis, MN

Cherylle Winacott
Senior Consultant
Country Style BBQ/Great Events
Saskatchewan, Canada

Debby Stein
Cartewheels Catering
Kerrville, Texas